We provide turnkey, full-service lifeguard management contracts for all your needs. Whether your facility needs one lifeguard or no lifeguards, we can help.

We have two types of service packages tailored to meet the needs of hotel, apartment, condominium and home-owner based facilities:

Complete Pool Managment
This type of service includes everything from the opening to the closing of your facility and winter maintenance.  We provide everything, such as lifeguards, insurance, water testing and chemicals, so that you don't have to worry about the pool.  

CPO (Certified Pool Operator) Management
This type of contract are for those facilities that are not required to have lifeguards or like to hire their own lifeguards for the summer.  Typically this involves just providing the CPO, weekly visits and maintaining log books as required by the local board of health codes but, this contract can be tailored to address all your facility needs 
Complete Pool Management
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